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The Alfred P. Sloan Film Program encourages filmmakers to create more realistic and accurate stories about science and technology and to challenge existing stereotypes about scientists and engineers in the popular imagination. The Science on Screen Showcase creatively pairs screenings of films with lively presentations by notable science and technology experts. Each film is used as a jumping-off point for a speaker to introduce current research or technological advances in a manner that engages popular culture audiences – from the diverse botany of Baja with Azul Intangible, to learning about astronomy in Nostalgia for the Light and the integration of silicon circuits to the nervous system in Sleep Dealer, to the dangers of drilling near a volcano in Fugue in D Minor. Not only is this collection of films entertaining, but there is also some fascinating science to learn about in the process!








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Azul Intangible
THU 3/7 / 5:30 / S2
MON 3/11 / 6:30 / DGC
Dir. Eréndira Valle
(Mexico, 67 min., 2012, Spanish w/ English subtitles)
This luminescent documentary portrays the diversity and charm of Mexico’s northwestern seas with striking clarity and resonance. The journey starts in Mexico City and plays out in the waters and depths of the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. A film crew sails several weeks on a ship, The Sandman, taking on an expedition to get to know the life under the surface. They will become immersed in overwhelmingly enormous beauty and motion of the sea. Screens as part of Science on Screen showcase.
Guest speaker: Dr. Jon Rebman (San Diego Natural History Museum, Botanist) will share stories from his last expedition through Baja California where 4 new species of plants were discovered!  Co-presented by the San Diego Natural History Museum (The Nat).

Fugue in D Minor
SAT 3/9 / 12:00 / S6
Dir. Otto Guera
(Brazil, 80 min., 2013, Portuguese w/ English subtitles)
Affected by the modern world, the poetic and eccentric country of Sbornia ends up separated from the mainland. An animated feature film based on the musical play, Tango & Tragedy. Will be screened as a work in progress and as a part of the Science on Screen showcase. Guest speaker: Dr. Pat Abbot (Emeritus Professor SDSU, Geologist) will be exploring the world of volcanoes and drilling!

Nostalgia for the Light
SAT 3/9 / 5:00 / S6
FRI 3/15 / 8:30 / DGC
Dir. Patricio Guzmán
(Chile, 107 min., 2011, Spanish w/ English subtitles)
Chile’s Atacama desert, six hundred miles of dry landscape similar to the planet Mars, is the setting for Patricio Guzman’s personally narrated film.  The Atacama desert captivates astronomers and native Chileans alike who seek the truth about multiple pasts. Alongside the astronomers and archaeologists, are desperate Chilean women and families sifting through the sands in search of the remains of their loved ones. The Atacama desert holds answers to not only the desert’s physical history, but a political and personal Chilean past.  Screens as part of Science on Screen showcase. Guest speaker: Dr. Lisa M. Will (San Diego City College, Astrophysicist), will explore our connections to the sky.

Sleep Dealer
SUN 3/10 / 6:30 / DGC
SAT 3/16 / 3:00 / S6
Dir. Alex Rivera
(USA, 80 min., 2008,  English)
Director Alex Rivera’s mind bending Sci Fi thriller starring Jacob Vargas returns to SDLFF for a special screening as part of our Science on Screen program. The film is set in a futuristic reality where the U.S and Mexico border has become an impenetrable wall. Illegal immigration has ended, but the need for migrant workers still remains. Replacing the bodies of migrant workers are robotic drones maneuvered by Mexican workers through electronic nodes and computer systems. Screens as part of Science on Screen showcase.Director Alex Rivera first came to San Diego as a student for Cine Estudiantil! Guest speaker: Dr. Eduardo Macagno (UCSD, Biologist) will share advances in the current research of the interaction between the human brain and machines!

Don’t wait until the last minute to reserve a seat, purchase your 5 Movie Ticket Pack &/or FILM PASS today.

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